Practice Staff


Dr Stephen Daykin MBBS DRCOG MRCGP Guys 1983
Dr Alan Lee MBChB Sheffield 1993
Dr Michael Macbeth MBChB DRCOG MRCGP Liverpool 2002
Dr Rebecca Ely MBChB DRCOG MRCGP Aberdeen 2006
Dr Mark Everard MBBS MRCGP University College of London 2009
Dr Jocelyn Bindley MBBS DRCOG MRCGP University of East Anglia 2007
Dr Rowan Needham MBBS MRCGP University of Newcastle 2009


Dr Jennifer Heylings  MBBS MClinEd MRCGP University of East Anglia 2011
 Dr Jim Hammond  BM BS  University of Nottingham 2011

We are fortunate in being a training practice which means we also have GP registrars who are completing specialist training to become a GP.  These appointments are usually for six months but can sometimes be up to a year.  We benefit greatly from these doctors’ recent hospital experience, so please accept them as one of us.

Dr Neda Javanshir-Harsini
Dr Shrey Putatunda
Dr Georgina Marks

Management Team

  • Wayne Bolt – Practice Manager
  • Dawn Turner – Operations Manager
  • Lynda Sowter—Dispensary Manager
  • Donna Bracey—Clinical Manager

The management team is responsible for the day to day administration of the Practice, and if you have any non medical problems, useful suggestions or concerns, they will be happy to talk to you on the phone or to see you.

 Nurse Practitioners

A Nurse Practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse who has completed additional training beyond that of a registered nurse.  They are able to see a wide range of ailments and can prescribe some drugs.

  • Donna Bracey
  • Karen Greeves
  • Julie Keene
  • Paul Bloomfield
  • Debbie Blake

Practice Nurses

The Nurses provide routine services for patients including dressings, vaccinations, cervical smear tests and ear syringing. Many of our nurses see patients with minor problems and have specialist interests.

  • Sonia Ingram
  • Alison Watkins
  • Linda Hindle
  • Claire Chittock
  • Rachel Brooks

Healthcare Assistants and Phebotomists

Our Healthcare Assistant and Phlebotomist perform routine blood tests. Our Healthcare Assistant also undertakes routine investigations and records information for new patients.

  • Sue Jarrald, Healthcare Assistant
  • Jodie Lines, Healthcare Assistant
  • Rachael Wright, Healthcare Assistant
  • Paula Metcalf, Healthcare Assistant
  • Michelle Pauling, Phlebotomist
  • Michelle Green, Phlebotomist


The Receptionists’ job is primarily to arrange the consultations of the patients with the Doctors and Nurses in as efficient a manner as possible. The receptionists will answer the telephone and also handle any personal enquiries at the reception.

  • Bobbie Pye
  • Diane Robson
  • Carol Acheson
  • Hannah Jones
  • Denise Moy
  • Holly Thomson
  • Diane French
  • Laura Johnson
  • Rachel Aldred
  • Jenny Davis
  • Sally Lambert
  • Sharon Chapman
  • Ami Reynolds
  • Charlie Savage
  • Gabby Sexton
  • Carla Hipperson
  • Karen Parsons
  • Louise Norman
  • Kelly Smith
  • Sam Brewer
  • Rianna Martin

Prescribing Clerks

  • Sharon Chapman
  • Laura Johnson
  • Rachel Aldred
  • Sally Lambert
  • Holly Thomson
  • Charlie Savage
  • Gabby Sexton
  • Diane French
  • Elizabeth Savage
  • Alexa Pardon


  • Carol Solomon, Senior Dispenser
  • Tracey Wright, Dispenser
  • Gemma Howes, Dispenser
  • Claire Brooks, Trainee Dispensary Assistant
  • Alex Jermy, Apprentice Dispenser

Administrative Staff

We have a team of administrative and IT staff that are seldom seen by our patients. They are a very important part of our staff team and help to keep the surgery running smoothly. You may have contact with one of this team if you have a query about a referral to a hospital consultant or you have a condition such as Diabetes or Asthma.

  • Carol Burton, Referral Administrator
  • Dianne Tobias, Referral Assistant
  • Ami Reynolds, Referral Administrator
  • Lara Gooch, Referral Administrator
  • Kay Armstrong, Patient Data Administrator
  • Sarah Steeples, Patient Data Administrator
  • Michelle Pauling, Clinical Administrator
  • Alison Taylor, Clinical Administrator
  • Gabby Sexton, Recall Administrator
  • Hazel Geary, Document Processing
  • Margaret Rose, Document Processing
  • Sarah Buchanan, Document Processing
  • Lindsay Rose, Management Assistant