Patient Experience Survey Autumn 2015

At a meeting in August 2015, the Patient Participation Group (PPG) suggested we undertake a short patient experience survey during the influenza vaccination campaign. The PPG felt that we would receive a much better response if the survey was concise and delivered to a captive audience.

The practice was particularly interested to know patients’ experience of booking for the clinics as this year we allowed patients to book their vaccination appointment online.

The practice was also keen to learn the thoughts of patients concerning the service they receive in addition to the responses from the Friends and Family Test.

The practice received just over 400 responses as follows:

Question Excellent Good Average Poor
What is your usual impression of the practice? 71% 26% 2% 1%
What is your usual impression of the welcome at reception? 63% 33% 3.5% 0.5%
What is your usual impression of the waiting area? 52% 42% 5% 1%
What is your usual impression of how long you have to wait to see a GP or a Nurse? 31% 35% 26% 8%
What is your impression of booking for your flu vaccination? 84.5% 14% 1% 0.5%

We are very pleased that the vast majority of respondents have indicated their experience of our services is either excellent or good. Patients have indicated they are very satisfied with the way they have been able to book their flu clinic appointments and the practice will look at increasing the number of appointments available to book online for 2016. A priority for the practice in early 2016 is to increase the number of patients with access to our online facilities.

The practice acknowledges there are areas where we can improve.

There were a number of written comments on the response sheets and these are fall into two categories:

  1. The length of time for the phone to be answered
  2. Car parking


The issue about the telephone access has been highlighted on previous surveys and our scores are lower than other practices in the North Norfolk CCG area. We believe the merger of the Drayton & St Faiths Medical Practice and the Horsford Medical Centre had a negative impact on our ability to answer the phone in a timely manner.

During November 2015, the practice is installing a new telephone system that will link all three sites enabling us to handle incoming calls more efficiently. We have done this without changing our telephone numbers or by passing the costs on to patients through call charges. The practice is also increasing the number of reception staff able to answer calls. We are confident that these changes will have a positive impact for our patients that will become evident in the New Year.

Car Parking

A number of issues have been highlighted in this and previous surveys concerning our car parks. The issues relating to car park capacity at Drayton are ongoing which we have discussed with the PPG.

The practice has received several comments concerning the difficulties patients with disabilities experience when parking at St Faiths. The practice has invested in improving the car park by laying tarmac at the front of the car park and will be marking these as disabled only parking.

Finally we would like to thank everyone who took time complete our survey.