Patient Survey 2013-2014

Patient Survey 2013 – 2014

We would like to thank those patients that completed our survey for this year.

The following is a copy of the results of the survey we ran in the Practice in January and February 2014.  The following downloads are available to help with the survey:



Our Patient Group

Drayton & St Faiths Medical Practice invited patients to form a Patient Participation Group (PPG) in 2008 and has held regular meetings two or three times a year since then.

Patients were invited to join the group via advertisements in both the Drayton and St Faiths Surgeries via posters and the display screens, via information on the Practice website and through the Practice newsletters.   Information about the PPG was also mentioned in the various Parish magazines that are produced in the catchment area.  The PPG is regularly advertised on the display screen in Drayton and also in the Practice newsletters.

There are 13,780 patients registered with the Practice split over two sites.  The Practice list size has increased since April 2013 from 13,515 to 13,780.

We are satisfied that the group is representative of the ethnic diversity of the Practice population but we acknowledge that we are underrepresented by younger patients.  We are however fortunate to have a PPG member who works extensively with younger people and is able to bring his experiences to the group.

We are satisfied however that the older patients, who are more frequent users of the service, are represented.


Method and Process for Agreeing Priorities for the Local Practice Survey

A PPG meeting was held on 28th November 2013 at the Drayton & St Faiths Medical Practice at which the content of the survey was discussed.

It was agreed that the same survey from the previous year would be used as this would allow a comparison of results but with the following questions included:

  • What is working well for you at the practice?
  • What could be improved for you?
  • Do you have any suggestion to alleviate pressures on our car parking at Drayton?
  • Are you aware of our on line services?  This question will provide us with an opportunity to put a few sentences about the services after the question.


Details and Results of the Local Practice Survey

The Survey was once again designed and created using Survey Monkey, which allows instant analysis of the results.

The Practice survey was made available to patients at both the Drayton and St Faiths Practices.  It was also made available online from the Practice Website.  The survey was active during January and February of 2014.

Patients were advised of the surveys existence via

  • Posters in the waiting rooms
  • Information screens in the waiting rooms
  • Practice Newsletter
  • Prominent Links on the Practice Website
  • Being advised by reception staff as they arrived for their appointment
  • Being advised by clinicians to complete the questionnaire
  • Copies of the survey were left in the waiting rooms at both surgeries

We had 300 responses to the survey, which is somewhat less than previous years.  This was discussed with the PPG.  There were some strong themes through the survey so we are happy that even given the reduced responses this survey is a fair representation of patient views.

A copy of the survey and survey results are on the website.


Discussing Survey Results with the Patient Participation Group

A meeting was held on 6th March 2014 with the PPG to discuss the results of the survey. 

It was discussed at the meeting that the results of the survey should take into account a challenging year faced by the Practice where:

  • Dr James Rivett, Senior Partner had retired
  • The Practice had to change computer system – which initially affected the efficiency of the Practice staff in booking appointments
  • Increasing list size due in part to patients from neighbouring practices switching to Drayton & St Faiths

The goals from the previous year were reviewed:

  1. Continue to provide excellent care by the clinicians – it was agreed that this had been achieved
  2. Attempt to resolve car parking issues – the cost of tarmacing the car park at St Faiths was found to be prohibitively expensive.  Staff working at Drayton are making more use of the staff car park to free up spaces for the patients.  This was discussed in more detail following the results of the 2013 / 2014 survey.
  3. Improve access to web appointments – the change of computer system midway through the year disrupted this as we had to start from scratch, but we are happy that progress is being made, but there is room for further improvement


The following good points from the current survey were highlighted:

  • The Clinical staff still score highly in all areas and are well liked and respected by the patients
  • The nurses in particular scored higher in most areas over last year’s survey.
  • There is an increasing awareness of the Patient Participation Group
  • The online services are well liked (if under used) – it was explained that due to the change in computer system in 2013 all patients had to re-register.  We did have 30% of patients signed up to use the online services; we are currently at 7%, although this is growing at a steady rate.
  • We are happy that 95% of our patients still rate us as excellent or good
  • We are happy that 94% of patients would recommend us to someone who moved into the area


The following areas were highlighted as needing attention

  • Telephone access – only 51% of patients found it easy to get through on the telephone.  This was down from 68% last year
  • The car park is still a major point of concern for patients
  • Lack of responses to the survey
  • Reception Issues

Telephone Access

The Practice has already acknowledged to the patient group and to all patients that there have been problems with answering telephone calls in a timely manner in the second half of 2013.  It was explained that this has been due to three areas:

  • Primarily the change of computer system – this impacted on the efficiency of the receptionists being able to deal with the telephone calls and book appointments
  • The number of calls we have received, particularly to dispensary, has increased due to patients having to re-register for the online services
  • The Practice had some staffing issues in the reception team
  • Issues with the telephone lines – the Practice experienced a catalogue of issues with the main telephone lines at Drayton in the second half of 2013, to which BT have admitted fault and compensated the Practice for.  Whilst it is acknowledged this is not the main factor for the delay in answering calls, it hasn’t helped.

It was discussed at the meeting that the Practice is already undertaking measures to improve including:

  • Extra receptionists have been recruited – they are now through their training periods and are valuable members of the team
  • An information screen has been put into the reception area to allow the team to monitor calls waiting to be answered – this has already had an effect in the service level of call answering
  • We are extending the hours of secretarial cover


The PPG agreed that there is very little that can reasonably be done about the parking as this is a problem not just for the Practice but all of Drayton with very little public parking available. 

The survey did ask for ideas from the patients as to how to alleviate the parking situation.  The answers can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Buy more land / bigger car park – unfortunately this is not possible or prohibitively expensive
  • Check that people who are using the car park are using the surgery
  • Encourage waking / cycling

It was explained that there is very little the surgery can practically do in terms of extending the car park.  All the land that can be converted has been converted (there are planning and drainage issues preventing the grass verges / trees being removed). 

Lack of Response to the Survey

The survey we are using has been based on the old approved GPPAQ questionnaires and has been amended overtime.

We printed and distributed more surveys than last year but had a 33% reduction in the number of responses.

Anecdotal evidence from some patients suggests that the survey is too big or is too similar to what we’ve had before and they aren’t filling it in.

It was agreed that future surveys should be cut down to no more than two sides of A4 and should be distributed at flu clinics

Reception Issues

 Some issues within the reception area were highlighted, both in the survey and raised by the PPG members. 

  • Privacy / Patients Queuing at Reception
  • Location of the book in screens

Agreeing Action Plan with the Patient Participation Group

Following discussions of the survey results and general discussions with the PPG concerning issues not raised by the survey the following action plan was agreed:

Continue to improve telephone access

  • Continue to increase awareness of online services
  • Extend the period of time to book appointments ahead and extend appointment times though the day to prevent “congestion”
  • Look at privacy in the reception areas and focus on reception staff attitude
  • Provision of cycle racks / signs in the car park to try to alleviate
  • Create a gallery of staff on the web
  • Future surveys to be shorter and more accessible to patients

Opening Hours

The Practice is open Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 6pm.  The telephone lines are open until 6.30pm.

The Practice offers extended hours (for pre-booked appointments only) on Monday mornings (from 7.30am), Monday evenings (until 8pm) and Saturday mornings (8am-11am).

During core hours patients can contact the Practice in person or by phone on 01603 867532.  Outside of the core hours patients will be diverted to NHS 111.