If you would like to take part in research studies and COVID-19, please visit

Did you know that findings from research studies are used by your GP, nurse or other health professional to enable them to offer you the most appropriate care?

Anyone registered with this practice could help shape the future of health care by considering and helping with research projects that you may be invited to participate in.

You may be approached by a member of this practice to help participate in a research project. Please consider patient information about the research carefully. This information may be sent to you or given to you by your nurse or doctor or other health professional to consider.

This practice is part of a network of General Practices in the East of England who host medical research on a regular basis. The network is called Primary Care Research Network – East of England.

Participation in any research is voluntary. You may refuse to take part in research without it affecting your usual medical care. All network research has been approved by a research Ethics Committee and has Primary Care Trust approval. The network is one of the United Kingdom Research Networks and is supported by funding from the Department of Health.

Research and Information we hold about you

There are two ways in which your information may be used for research purposes:

  1. We might write to you asking to participate in a research project – we are often approached to take part in “recruiting” studies where a research team wants us to recruit some patients for them. In these cases we generate and send the letters to you. The researchers only know about you once you have signed up and consented to be part of the project.
  2. Your data might be used anonymously in a research project – this is typically when research teams are looking at trends of co-morbidities and prescriptions. At no point is any identifiable information released to the research team.

National Data Opt-out

If you wish to stop your confidential patient information being used for purposes beyond your individual care you can no longer request this via the practice.  You will to visit this website where more information and the option to opt out will be given.