Drayton Extension Updates

Commencement of building works at Drayton Surgery

extensions elevation

We are delighted to inform patients that work will soon begin on building an extension at our Drayton Surgery.

The extension will add several new consulting rooms, training rooms, extra administration rooms and parking spaces, enabling Drayton Medical Practice to accommodate its increasing patient numbers.

The work is expected to commence in July 2024 and is estimated to be completed by April 2025.  The works will include a partial demolition of the existing premises prior to building the extension, followed by renovation work to the existing premises

Initially, we will be losing half of the car park and some of our consulting rooms at Drayton. 

This will mean we will be changing the way we consult with patients at Drayton and you might be more frequently asked to attend our Horsford or St Faiths surgeries.

Over the next couple of months we will be finalising plans for the different phases of the build. We will keep patients updated via our website, Facebook and information will be displayed at all three surgeries.

We would ask patients to understand that this is a short-term measure whilst the works are undertaken.  We know that there will be unavoidable disruption and we will be ensuring that we keep this to a minimum,

We are excited that the completion of the works will give Drayton Medical Practice the room and opportunities to expand services in line with our ever growing practice population.